Homeward Bound


Recent Pets Photographed & Adopted! 

Homeward Bound, launched in January 2020, is a joint project with the Claiborne County Animal Shelter, New Tazewell, Tennessee, not far from our studio. Statistics show animals that are professionally photographed are four times more likely to find homes, and one of our true passions is to help these animals find their ‘fur-ever’ home!

"Nat Douglas has truly been a blessing to the Claiborne Country Animal Shelter. Her beautiful pictures have increased adoptions and transport acceptance 100%. Every animal she has photographed for us has quickly been adopted or accepted to transport when otherwise denied. Her upbeat spirit, patience, and quality of work is shown in each photograph she takes. She goes above and beyond to give back to the community by volunteering her time to help us. We recommend her to anyone seeking to capture a forever work of art of their pet. Thank you, Natasha, for everything you have done for us!" 

Misti Roberts, Claiborne County Animal Shelter Director
New Tazewell, Tennessee

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